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  • Helsinki Luxury
  • Helsinki Luxury
  • Helsinki Luxury
  • Helsinki Luxury

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Earthy clear Helsinki tones, like a fresh camomile tea brewing and a warm ginger cinnamon snap crushed with bergamot leaf, sweet yet earthy, warm yet cleansing.

Helsinki is the newest collection to the talented Dan 300 Group.  Beautiful packaging, striking designs, using quality ingredients in every product.

Your gift will be unique and remembered.

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Dan 300 Luxe Candle Burn Time 60 Hours

Dan 300 Helsinki Collection Hand & Cuticle Treatment 75 ml

Dan 300 Hand & Nail Spa Set

What’s in the HAND & NAIL SPA SET : 

  • Glass Petri Dish Spatula scoop 
  • Bottle of Scrub Spa Formula 100ml/3.3oz 
  • Draw String Bag (so you can keep everything in the one place for future use) *all in tini tiny sizes ready to make your very own hand & cuticle scrub spa treatment in small batches 
  • Petri Dish

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